April 12, 2021 1 min read


Safe Space are committed to providing only the Best products to our customers. We've partnered with Toucan, who are one of the few companies that have extensive testing and certification of their HOCl products, with an impressive certification portfolio:

  • EN 1276 Bacterial General
  • EN 1650 Fungicidal
  • EN 1656 Bacterial Ventinary
  • EN 13697 Bacterial General
  • EN 14348 Bacterial Medical
  • EN 14476 Virucidal Medical
  • EN 16777 Virucidal Medical
  • NF T 72-281 Bacterial & Virucidal

99.99% - 99.999% Effective

The Toucan range are all certified to the above EN standards between 99.99% and 99.999% effective, which is Log 4 or Log 5 reduction, meaning they are highly effective at destroying micro-organisms and reducing the risk of regrowth.

Future Proof

The Toucan HOCl Generator range ticks all the Eco boxes:

Non Toxic



Animal & Human Safe

Virtually Cost Free

Produce on Demand

Does Not Bleach - Material Safe

No Harmful Side Effects

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