March 17, 2021 1 min read

Quickly and Safely Sanitise Surfaces With Our Portable Hand Held Sprayer, Featuring Nano Spray Technology

As a result of Customer Demand, We Now have in stock our very own portable hand held electric cleaner and sanitiser Nano sprayer.

Clean or Sanitise your home, workspace or vehicle in a more effective and efficient way with the Safe Space Hand Held Electronic Cleaning And Sanitising Nano Sprayer.

If you don't like toxic contents associated with some sanitiser aerosols, then this is the solution for you!

This hand held Nano sprayer enables the quick & effective delivery of a multitude of less toxic and eco friendly cleaning or sanitising agents, including our Hospital Grade Peritab - Colour Activated Combined Disinfectant Cleaner Tablet - Tub of 200 3g Tablets


  • Nano spray technology helps deliver a fine and even coating on surfaces
  • Up to 2m effective range
  • Compact but powerful design 
  • Blue Light Technology LED torch to aid visual cleaning and sanitising efforts
  • Up to 70 minute battery life
  • USB-C Charging cable for Fast charging
  • Quick re-fill 200ml solution bottle
  • Suitable for all cleaning and sanitising solutions

Available with Two Options from our Store:

Starter Pack (Sprayer Plus Sanitiser Tablets)


Visit our Store to view our full cleaning and sanitising range.