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October 26, 2020 2 min read

Safe Space Branded Products

SafeSpace are excited to announce the launch of our new product range. We have listened to our customers and have developed an all round Air & Surface Sanitiser in a Fresh Linen fragrance.  We are constantly reviewing and adding to our brand.

SafeSpace Air & Surface Anti-Bacterial Sanitising Mist

Available in Fresh Linen Fragrance, this sanitiser and deodoriser evaporates quickly leaving a lovely fresh smell.  It can used used on all surfaces including keyboards, handles, upholstery, steering wheels, to sanitise and freshen the air.  Its available in a 200ml can.

SafeSpace Power Blast Anti-Bacterial Sanitising Mist - Citrus Burst Fragrance - 750ml

  Fully Tested to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650 & BS EN 14476

  Kills over 99.999% of all Germs, Viruses, Bacteria, & Yeasts

  Contains Over 95% Alcohol

  High Pressure Cloud Spray Fills a Large Area With One Spray Blast

  Leaves an Anti Bacterial Coating For Continued Protection

  Cost Effective, Large Multi-Use Aerosol

  Made in the U.K.

Safe Space’s Power Blast Aerosol produces a large cloud of powerful anti-viral mist that is ideal for filling larger spaces quickly, that leaves the area sanitised and smelling clean and fresh.

The fog fills any enclosed space, eliminating germs, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms upon contact.

The high quality contact disinfectant destroys over 99.999% (Greater than Log Kill 5).

Safe Space Power Blast allows you to quickly and easily sanitise any enclosed space with just the push of a button.

Hand Sanitiser Spray

Made in the UK, the SafeSpace Solutions Alcohol hand sanitiser spray has been created to WHO (World Health Organisation) stardards. This comes in a handy bottle that can be taken anywhere and it evaporates quickly.  

Safe Space PERITAB Cleaner and Sanitiser in One 200 Tablets

With the highest Kill Rate on the Market, these amazing tablets have been used by the healthcare industry including the NHS for years and are now available to our customers in a convenient 3g tablet, reducing waste.  Easy to use, one-step disinfection of almost all surfaces, soft furnishings and equipment as well as being safe to use in kitchens where food is prepared.  These tablets work well with septic tanks as the liquid returns to water after 24 hours. 


🧯 For Paper, Wood, Textile, Fuel, Oil & Electrical Fires

🧯 Equivalent of a 2kg water fire extinguisher

🧯 Non Toxic, Non Harardous

🧯 3 Year Shelf Life, No Maintenance

♻️ Dispose of in Domestic Waste after use

♻️ Fully Recyclable 

Spray-Safe is a small, hand-held fire spray capable of quickly dousing flames within seconds. At only 335ml, the lightweight aerosol was created to deliver a more practical and convenient fire extinguisher. Perfect for tackling small fire situations wherever you are, Spray-Safe is ideal whether you are in or outdoors, or in a vehicle.

🔥 Lightweight and Easy To Use

🔥 Small and Easy To Store 

🔥 No Complex Parts, Less To Malfunction

🔥 More Efficient and Eco Friendly

🔥 Cost Effective


  • Multi-packs are available for all products. Check out our online store today to order yours https://www.safespace.solutions/collections/shop or contact us at info@safespace.solutions or 0203 633 8087 for more information.