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August 17, 2019 1 min read

Log Kill or Log Reduction is a mathematical term used to show the relative number of live microbes (bacterium that causes disease or fermentation) eliminated from a surface by disinfecting or cleaning.


Log Kill Reductions

  • Log Kill 1 - 90% reduction
  • Log Kill 2 - 99% reduction
  • Log Kill 3 - 99.9% reduction
  • Log Kill 4 - 99.99% reduction
  • Log Kill 5 - 99.999% reduction
  • Log Kill 6 - 99.9999% reduction

For example, a "6-log reduction" means lowering the number of microorganisms by 1,000,000-fold, that is, if a surface has 1,000,000 pathogenic microbes on it, a 6-log reduction would reduce the number of microorganisms to one.

X-Mist has a Log Kill rate of 6, which is the highest kill rate in the cleaning industry, meaning you can be confident that as many bacteria and viruses are killed as possible and your area is safe to use.