Safe Space Multi Use Sanitiser Range, Electric Nano Sprayer & Peritab Combined Disinfectant Cleaner

Multi use sanisiters

Tested to EN 1276, EN 1650 & EN 14476

Destroys over 99.999% of all Germs & Bacteria

Contains Over 90% Alcohol

Leaves an Anti Bacterial Coating

Cost Effective, Multi-Use Aerosol

Made in the U.K.


Tested to EN 1276, EN 1650 & EN 14476 and More!

Up to 99.99999% Effective

Biodegradable - Dispose Safely After 30hrs

Use in Foggers, Pump Sprays, Buckets, Etc

Safe to Use on Most Surfaces / Materials

  Made in the U.K.

Electric Nano Sprayer

Effective 2m Range

Nano Spray Delivers Even Covergae

Compact But Powerful Design

Quick Charge Battery

Use With Peritab For Fogging

  Made in the U.K.