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X-Mist Vehicle Sanitiser & Deodoriser

Make Your Vehicle Smell As Good As New!

Lingering bad smells inside of vehicles can be very off-putting and make them an unpleasant environment to be in.

Smoke is especially difficult because it penetrates upholstery, carpet, hard surfaces and infiltrates the air system.

There’s also bacteria and germs that multiply within dormant air conditioning / recycling units that can cause bad smells.

It is therefore critical to keep your vehicle sanitised, also keeping it smelling fresh and as good as new.

X-Mist Atmospheric Vehicle Sanitiser & Deodoriser - 150ml - New Car fragrance

Bacteria and foul stenches can be easily removed, transforming your vehicle’s interior into a clean, fresh-smelling space, making it easier to sell.

X-Mist Vehicle Sanitiser & Deodoriser is a highly effective, disinfecting mist that kills bad smells* and destroys bacteria that may be present in your vehicle with minimal effort

Help Keep Cars Smelling Like New

🔸 Use inside any vehicle for all surfaces including upholstery

🔸  Destroys persistent smells such as nicotine, pets and food

🔸 Destroys persistent smells such as nicotine, pets and food

🔸 Eliminates bacteria, viruses and mould hiding in air conditioning systems

🔸 Remains active for up to 7 days after use

🔸 Cost effective and easy to use – depress nozzle and leave for one hour

🔸 Fully tested to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650

When activated, the pressurised can generates a powerful disinfectant and deodorising fog, currently the only British Standard European Norm (BS EN) tested and certified product on the market!

The fog fills any enclosed space, eliminating germs, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms upon contact.

The medical-grade contact disinfectant destroys 99.9999% (Log Kill 6) of the germs responsible for cold and flu; it even bacteria such as Staph, methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) and Legionella.

In addition, X-Mist prevents mould and fungus growth.

X-Mist cans allow you to quickly and easily sanitise any vehicle with just one push of a button.

X-Mist Vehicle Sanitiser & Deodoriser is available in Tea Tree fragrance.