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Home-Safe Fire Extinguisher Kit



🧯 For Paper, Wood, Textile, Fuel, Oil & Electrical Fires

🧯 Equivalent of a 2kg water fire extinguisher

🧯 Non Toxic, Non Harardous

🧯 3 Year Shelf Life, No Maintenance

♻️ Dispose of in Domestic Waste after use

♻️ Fully Recyclable 

Spray-Safe is a small, hand-held fire spray capable of quickly dousing flames within seconds. At only 335ml, the lightweight aerosol was created to deliver a more practical and convenient fire extinguisher. Perfect for tackling small fire situations wherever you are, Spray-Safe is ideal whether you are in or outdoors, or in a vehicle.

🔥 Lightweight and Easy To Use

🔥 Small and Easy To Store 

🔥 No Complex Parts, Less To Malfunction

🔥 More Efficient and Eco Friendly

🔥 Cost Effective

Directions For Use: 

  1. Make sure you have a clear evacuation route
  2. Move away from the source of the fire
  3. Remove the cap from the Spray-Safe bottle
  4. Shake the bottle firmly
  5. Douse the area with Spray-Safe while keeping your arm out of range of the fire
  6. Call fire emergency services to ensure there is no reignition later
  7. Ventilate and vacate the room

Never Spray on to an Electrical Distribution or Fuse Board


Weighing only 203g and containing 120ml liquid, Pan-Safe is a fast, efficient and easy way to extinguish oil based, pan fires

🧯 Extinguishes Small Pan Fires in Seconds

🧯 More Cost Effective Than Traditional Fire Extinguishers

🧯 Lightweight & Portable

🧯 Quick & Simple Delivery System

🧯 No Mechanical Parts = No Malfunction

🧯 Fits Perfectly in Kitchen Drawers

♻️ Less Mess, More Eco-Friendly 

Directions For Use:

  • DO NOT move the pan
  • NEVER use water on a chip pan fire as this can cause a fireball
  • Carefully place the Pan-Safe sachet into the pan at arms length
  • Turn off the heat source if possible and when safe to do so
  • Ventilate and vacate the room
  • Once safe to do so, Clean up any general waste

If the fire is spreading, dial 999 and call the Fire and Rescue services. You should never try to deal with a fire that is not easily contained or spreading out of control