Stay-Safe 5-in-1 Multi Use Fire Extinguisher

Douse Fires in Seconds with the Stay-Safe 5-in1 portable, compact multi-use fire extinguisher!

🧯 For Paper, Wood, Textile, Fuel, Oil & Electrical Fires

🧯 Equivalent of a 2kg water fire extinguisher

🧯 Non Toxic, Non Harardous

🧯 3 Year Shelf Life, No Maintenance

♻️ Dispose of in Domestic Waste after use

♻️ Fully Recyclable 

Stay-Safe 5-in-1 is a small, hand-held fire spray capable of quickly dousing flames within seconds. At only 335ml, the lightweight aerosol was created to deliver a more practical and convenient fire extinguisher. Perfect for tackling small fire situations wherever you are, Stay-Safe 5-in-1 is ideal whether you are in or outdoors, or in a vehicle.

🔥 Lightweight and Easy To Use

🔥 Small and Easy To Store 

🔥 No Complex Parts, Less To Malfunction

🔥 More Efficient and Eco Friendly

🔥 Cost Effective

Directions For Use: 

  1. Make sure you have a clear evacuation route
  2. Move away from the source of the fire
  3. Remove the cap from the Spray-Safe bottle
  4. Shake the bottle firmly
  5. Douse the area with Spray-Safe while keeping your arm out of range of the fire
  6. Call fire emergency services to ensure there is no reignition later
  7. Ventilate and vacate the room

**Never Spray on to an Electrical Distribution or Fuse Board**